Important Facts:

Australia's real resources, both ecological and human are finite and must be utilised in a sustainable way. The way the Australian economy works means that all of the Real Democracy Party's policies can be properly funded, because of the following important facts:

Miracles can happen:

What would you do?

Let’s say a miracle has happened …. You woke up one day and things were a little bit different with our Australian common wealth government.

What would you do if you found out that the Australian government’s spending was not limited by how much tax revenue it could get? Imagine if it could run budget deficits forever without burdening future generations with debt or increased taxes, and without creating inflation or seeing the value of the Australian dollar plunge? What would you do if you led a government for which money was no object?

What would you do?

This is your Party

The power of us - the people - is far more powerful than the people in power. If all of you who visit this website join the Real Democracy Party, there is nothing we cannot achieve together.

Truth stranger than fiction:

It turns out that this is not just a hypothetical exercise because that “miracle” has actually occurred in two steps:

  1. In August 1971 US President Richard Nixon announced the end of convertibility of the US dollar to gold and in doing so effectively ended the Bretton Woods international monetary system of which Australia was part
  2. In 1983 the Australian government floated the dollar

These two events changed everything for the way the Australian government’s finances operate. Or, more accurately, it should have. The problem is it didn’t change the way the Australian politicians and economists work. They have seriously screwed up. They have caused, and are causing, untold misery and suffering for millions, and are jeopardising our future because they are blindly and stubbornly sticking to an ideological and irrational hatred of government spending. If our representatives were really concerned about the welfare of the people they are meant to represent they would be balancing the competing interest in our society and our economy to our benefit. Read More

Do you trust the “experts”?

If you watch our politicians in action and instinctively tell yourself, “There must be a better way” you are right. While “money is no object for the Australian government” sounds like a miracle that’s too good to be true, it is actually a technical reality. There are other limitations, such as inflation in some circumstances and the finite real resources of the country, but affordability isn’t one of them.

It’s easy to assume that all the smart people in suits you see on TV warning us that we are living beyond our means, really understand how things work. It is their job after all and they get paid a decent amount of money to know this stuff. As it turns out, a few of them do know how things work but most of them don’t.

There are three things you probably should understand about how the economy works: Read More

How do we know this?

The Real Democracy Party and the numerous experts that advise us, do know how the government’s finances work – and they do not work like a household. That’s nonsense, because households cannot issue – or create - Australian dollars. The government has unique powers when it comes to money that can be intelligently used to create all sorts of possibilities for Australia.

We ask you to be prepared to question what our representatives tell us about how much the government can help make a better life for all Australians - because the stakes couldn’t be higher. Question everything they are telling you about the economy and, of course, question everything we say about the economy as well. But do not assume that the current crop of representatives are right, because that flawed assumption is destroying people’s lives and the planet, while making a few people very very wealthy indeed.

We don’t just care about the economy though.

Like the majority of Australians, we care about social justice, civil liberties and human rights. Read our website and if you suspect we might be right, get in touch – talk to us - and let’s see if we can work together to redefine politics, refresh democracy and do amazing things together for all current and future Australians.

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