Building a Fair and Sustainable Australia:

Australia is a wealthy country. Yet we have more than 2.9 million (13.3%), Aussies living in poverty including more than 731,000 (17.4%) children aged below 15.

The Real Democracy Party is here to draw a line in the sand - to represent the rights of all Australians to a fair go. We are from, by and for the people. We are here to represent all, including those communities that have been lied to, ignored, violated, damaged and beaten down by successive governments that have failed them.

Wage a War on Poverty not the Poor:

Our current and past representatives in our common wealth government and their policies have amounted to waging a war against the poor. Our party’s representatives will be in our Parliament to wage a war against poverty. Read More...

Real resources, both ecological and human are finite. Any economic reform or new economic or social policy in our country has to start by recognising this fact. We have to make sure that we utilise our resources in a sustainable way. We have to ensure that the output from utilising these resources are distributed fairly for the benefit of all. In this context, the primary responsibility of government must be to balance our economy - and the competing interests in our society - not the government budget.

This is your Party

The power of us - the people - is far more powerful than the people in power. If all of you who visit this website join the Real Democracy Party, there is nothing we cannot achieve together.

Our Common Wealth:

We believe that our representatives should be fearless champions of open and democratic society. They should be wise stewards of our common wealth and tireless in rejecting corruption of any form in any place - including Canberra. Read More...

We believe that we need a federal ICAC because we cannot trust our representatives and those who seek to influence them to behave with the level of probity and integrity that we deserve.

The Real Democracy Party affirms that all the natural resources, regardless of whether they are on or under the ground in our country, or in the water - belong to us all. We know that our natural resources combined with our human resources make up our common wealth. It is ours to be managed, protected and distributed fairly - by our elected representatives - to serve the well-being of all present and future Australians. This may mean at times that the benefit to society will be prioritised over private profits if they conflict.

Are you Ready?

Well-Being Over Ideology:

Economics is a contested discipline. Economists cannot agree on how the economy really works and over the last 100 years they have changed their mind about how the economy works and how to manage it. Read More...

In the mid-1970s the free market zealots took the opportunity to resurrect the free market paradigm, which has dominated since with devastating impacts on many. Unemployment has been much higher, real wage growth has been lower, household debt and injustice has gone through the roof and the environment has been trashed.

Fortunately there are a global group of economists who are not ideologically blinkered and who stick to the data and the facts of how a modern economy works (Modern Monetary Theory) to understand it and manage it more effectively. They have charted a clear way for the economy to be managed for the benefit of all. This body of knowledge allows us to reject the blatantly false and self-serving Neoliberal theory foisted upon a trusting public by our so-called representatives. This ideologically driven Neoliberal mis-representation includes the absurd notion that a government that issues – or creates - its own currency is budget constrained – it isn’t.

What would you do if you learned that the government's budget does not decide how much it can spend? What would you do?

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The Real Democracy Party acknowledges the inalienable rights of the First Nations Peoples and the fact that they never ceded sovereignty over their land. We also acknowledge the Wathaurong people of the Kulin nation, the traditional owners of the land on which the Real Democracy Party HQ is located.